How can Evil Genius Leadership help my business?

The biggest obstacle to growing a business is that executives and managers try to do everything themselves. Building a team that embraces strong leadership, accountability, and clear communication is essential for a business to achieve its full potential. For most organizations, this doesn’t happen on its own. Leaders must commit to establishing a strong leadership culture and developing team members dedicated to the company's success. Our corporate training workshops show you how to create this culture and build strategic thinking, teamwork, and accountability on your team from the C-suite right on down to the front lines.


My business is small. Why is leadership development important to me?

Congratulations on starting your business! When your business is small is the perfect time to start developing the leadership culture on your team. Your very first few hires will set the tone for new employees as your business grows, so investing in your team now will ensure you have a team that is looking out for the best interest of the organization in the future. Our corporate training workshops are customizable to meet the needs of your small business, or our executive coaching program can help you as a business owner develop the leadership skills you need to build the team you want and deserve.


I’m a solopreneur. Can you still help me?

Yes! While our corporate training workshops are incredibly valuable to entrepreneurs who are already building your team, the lessons and skills in those workshops can be learned through one-on-one executive coaching with you. If you’re not ready for coaching yet, we offer digital courses that you can accomplish solo at your own pace that still cover the same material. If you are just getting started or even thinking about starting a business, our short e-books would be very helpful to you as well.


I’m not in Las Vegas. Do I need to bring my team to you?

No! We would love to have you visit us in Vegas, but we are happy to bring our corporate training workshops to your facility or another location of you choose. Our workshops can be done remotely but are most effective as an in=person experience. One-on-one coaching is effective and easy over video conferencing platforms if that’s what works best for you.

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