If you’re looking for dynamic and effective coaching in an active format, Evil Genius Leadership workshops just might be for you.  These workshop sessions dive deeper into key categories of leadership essentials – they’re designed to educate and empower with key tools that can be put to use right away. 

You can attend our leadership workshops individually or we can bring them to your business to help your entire team.  Choose from one of these workshops or set up a consultation and we can create a custom leadership workshop to meet your team’s needs. 


Our 20-hour leadership development program focuses on developing the individual leadership and professional skills your team needs to operate in a culture of initiative, accountability and excellence. The sessions will be scheduled at the time and place requested by the client. Evil Genius Leadership Consultants can provide a venue for the training if requested. The content and timeline are customizable to best meet your company’s needs.

A full outline of the program is available upon request.

The program extensively includes topics such as: Time Management, Leadership Philosophy and Company Culture, Team Development, Leadership Strategy, and much more! 



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Leadership Fundamentals Workshop

Our Leadership Fundamentals workshop focuses on helping each student understand the leadership fundamentals they need to develop their own unique leadership style and the key traits they will need to live up to their personal core values. We’ll delve into essentials like accountability, responsibility, and authority. We’ll practice setting goals and delivering effective feedback. If you want to tackle leadership development from the ground up, our Leadership Fundamentals workshop is a great place to start. 

Organizational Culture Workshop

Our Organizational Culture Workshop delivers actionable insight into the larger concepts that define a business: vision, mission, and core values. We take a close look at how tools and systems wok to further the company mission, unify your business, and achieve goals. This big-picture thinking may seem a bit vague. But it’s exactly the type of leadership development that’s designed to solidify your organizational identity and build team success. Click here to learn more about the Organizational Culture workshop. 

Cross-Generational Leadership Workshops

No matter what the age and experience levels are involved in the fabric of your organization, communicating between generations is an art form – and it’s essential to the overall success of your team. In our Cross-Generational Leadership workshop, we cover concepts and best practices for communication theory, trust-building across generations, feedback, and negotiation skills. Learn to start working with your millennials and stop complaining about their differences in work motivation. Learn to understand and value the qualities that all ages bring to the table through collaboration and effective feedback. Click here to learn more about our Cross-Generational Leadership Workshop. 

Mentorship Workshop

Does your organization have a culture of mentorship? If not, it’s time to start. 

At Evil Genius, we believe that one of the most important responsibilities the leaders of today have is to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Our Mentorship workshop explores the importance of the mentor-protégé relationship along with tools for finding and building these valuable professional experiences. Click here to learn more. 

Corporate Team Building and Strategy Workshop

The 4-hour version of the workshop focuses on building the individual skills we need to build an effective team around us. We start the day by briefly covering the importance of clear communication on a team. The workshop then focuses on the skills we need to build trust in our team and the tools we use to achieve that trust. The team-building exercise incorporates all of the concepts covered in the workshop so far. This exercise can be done as a dedicated block but also works well as a working lunch if that fits better with the day’s schedule.


The 6-hour version takes the foundation provided by the 4-hour workshop and adds elements of critical thinking and decision making.  We dedicate the last hour of the workshop to a facilitated strategy and goal-setting exercise where your team can set their corporate goals for the upcoming year.

Goal Setting and Time Management Workshop

We all have goals, but the real challenge is sticking to them and following through with action. How you state your goals is critical to accomplishing them. So many goal-setting systems have long acronyms and complicated steps to remember. This workshop uses experience from military flight testing to simplify stating, tracking, and completing your most important goals. After we learn how to frame goals properly, we help build your time management skills to ensure that you follow through on those goals. We walk through setting priorities effectively, the three rules for time management, who to let on your calendar and what to do when your calendar gets too full.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to achieve your goals or have had trouble following through in the past, try this workshop. It will make an immediate difference in the way you see your goals and complete them.

Small Business Growth Strategies Workshop

This is the in-person version of our digital course! If you have a new business, want to find new opportunities in the changing world, or accelerate your business beyond where it is now, this workshop may be for you. This course will help you:

  • Design a conscious Business Strategy that is profitable, while still expressing your values and providing a genuine benefit to your community.

  • Help you connect with your target market and communicate to them that you are the best option to solve their problems

  • Make great decisions about how to spend your time most effectively and use your financial resources efficiently to grow your business.

  • Use financial statements to make strategic decisions about your business

  • Communicate with your employees to build them into a team that takes accountability, shows initiative, and solves your problems before you even know you have a problem

  • Hire your dream team, provide feedback to them and help them grow as professionals to make your business successful.

These are the most important and actionable lessons that I learned the hard way from 20 years as an Air Force officer and a business owner. I want you to be able to skip the hard parts so you can accelerate your business growth and I can’t wait to share all of this with you!



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